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  • Tips for Choosing Swamp Cooler Covers

    Swamp Cooler CoversProtect your air conditioning and evaporative cooling units from Mother Nature with swamp cooler covers. Swamp cooler covers will keep your cooling units safe from rain and snow, ice and also wind. They also help to prevent rust from forming on the unit and inside parts. Using a swamp cooler cover will make your A/C unit last a lot longer and you will have less maintenance costs in the long run. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or is prone to winter climates, you should definitely consider getting one.

    The best swamp cooler covers are made from canvas and are waterproof while resisting mildew and mold. Many have a wax coating on the outside as well. Canvas covers last longer and are more efficient at keeping the moisture out of your evaporative and air conditioning cooling units. Although they may cost a little bit more, they will last a long time and so you will eventually save money by not having to purchase multiple swamp cooler covers over the years.

    There are four basic types of swamp cooler covers that are available. You should choose one that will fit the size and type of cooling unit that you need to protect. Here are some tips that will help you distinguish the different kinds of covers.

    down draft Swamp Cooler CoversDowndraft Swamp Cooler Covers

    Downdraft coolers are generally located on the roof and the air is discharged downwards. Downdraft swamp cooler covers have one corner open to use with cooling units that have electrical boxes attached to them. After putting the cooler cover on your air conditioner, you will lace up the side that has the slit in it using the grommet holes that run down this slit side.

    Sidedraft Swamp Cooler Covers

    Sidedraft coolers are usually located on the side of attics and the cool air flows directly into the roof. Sidedraft swamp cooler covers have an opening in the side of them so that the airflow area can extend out without being restricted by the cover.  This type of cooler cover should be tied at the bottom of the side that is open.

    round Swamp Cooler CoversRound Swamp Cooler Covers

    Round swamp cooler covers can be used for evaporative and central air units. They are easily slipped over the top of the cooling unit and are also available with a slit in the side to allow water or electric lines to go through the slit in the cover. You might want to get some cover straps to put around the cooler cover to provide a more secure fitting. You wouldn’t want it to blow away if you get a large amount of wind.

    Turbine Swamp Cooler Covers

    Turbine swamp coolers fit over the cooling unit like an upside down sack. Most of them have an elastic string that is sewn into the bottoms that can be tightened to keep the cooler cover in place. You will also see a vented panel sewn in the side to keep the cover from lifting off in the wind and also to keep condensation from forming inside the cover.

    When it comes to picking the correct size, they are made to be a little bit bigger naturally. Pick swamp cooler covers that are a size closest to the actual size of your cooling units measurements.

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  • Mastercool Evaporative Cooler: Keeping the Air Cold and Humid for Less

    Mastercool Evaporative CoolersThe searing and unrelenting heat of the sun maybe something positive for people who are living in places with prevailing cold climates, but for people living in hot and dry places, it might be too much. Fortunately, there are many ways of fighting the heat, the most famous of which is the use of air-conditioners. However, there is a product that has come out in the market which is more effective than an air-conditioning unit and saves more electricity, and they are called Mastercool Evaporative Cooler.

    Using a new cooling technology called evaporative cooling, Mastercool Evaporative Cooler can beat the heat in almost any infrastructure, be it a huge building or a small house. And unlike air-conditioning units which need constant maintenance and are not cost-effective, Mastercool Evaporative Coolers can actually lower the cost of the homeowner’s electricity bill while remaining faithful in its duty of keeping the home or building cold and humid.

    Mastercool Evaporative Cooler unitMastercool Evaporative Cooler can also be purchased through the internet and there are many options to choose from so that the prospective buyer can select the one which suits his or her budget. Yet another unique feature of Mastercool Evaporative Cooler is its inner materials which are made up of pads which are responsible for the evaporative capabilities of the cooler. These pads are either made up of fiber, aspen, or cellulose, with the latter being the type of pad preferred by many for being able to maximize the evaporative feature of the cooler compared to the other two types of pads.

    There are indeed many types of air-conditioning units out there, which can combat the dry and warm climates, but there is one product that stands in providing cool air as well as humidity while also promising less consumption of electricity and that is the Mastercool Evaporative Cooler. And not only do these celebrated types of swamp coolers bring with them a new cooling technology, but they are also capable of running optimally for a long time while requiring little maintenance, thus making them a good investment.


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  • Champion Coolers: Small and Portable but Efficient

    Champion CoolersA cooler that is portable, environment-friendly, and cost-effective might seem like something that is too good to be true, but all of these features are packed into a small swamp cooler armed with a unique but reliable cooling technology, the Champion cooler. Champion coolers not only provide cool and clean air, but they are also able to do this task almost anywhere, as its portability allows it to be moved and be placed in virtually any part of the house or even outside of it.

    A simple mechanism is what makes Champion coolers work, and yet this is highly effective and can cool the air by up to 30 degrees. Using evaporative cooling, Champion coolers pump water into pads which are made of aspen, which then evaporates as a rotating fan sucks and scatters them into the building or home where the cooler is located, thus making the air both cold and humid.

    There are also different variants for Champion coolers, as they can either be window, down-draft, or side-draft type of coolers. Window coolers, as their name suggests can be mounted on holes and windows and are often protected by grills as they blow air into the home or building. For best results, it is advised that window type of coolers should be placed on houses with open floor plans. Down-draft coolers, on the other hand, utilize air vents inside houses and are attached through roofs, prompting a downward motion of the air which they blow into the house which also serves as the basis for their name.side-draft type of Champion Coolers

    And finally, the side-draft type of Champion coolers is mounted on holes or ducts, and the motion of the cool and humid air which they spread into the house or building is, as their name suggests, in a side motion. Side-draft coolers are also the easiest types of coolers to access and repair, thus giving them an edge over the aforementioned types of Champion swamp coolers.

    Champion coolers maybe a little smaller in size in comparison of other types of swamp coolers, but it is certainly not lacking when it comes to the air which they provide, proving that they can go toe-to-toe with some of the bulkier coolers and air conditioners in the market.


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  • Swamp Coolers for Sale: How to Get the Best Deals Online

    swamp coolers for SaleOf course, the mere fact that you’re reading this article means you already know that the World Wide Web is the fastest and most convenient way to find swamp coolers for sale. The plethora of individual websites that offer these coolers and the numerous auction sites that serves as the ‘new market’ for all kinds of products and advertisements indeed offer you hundreds to choose from. Your only problem, however, is how to pick the best one. How does one find the best deals about swamp coolers for sale, anyway?

    The first thing to remember when you’re dealing with online swamp coolers for sale is to hook up with a reliable seller. If it’s from an individual site that you’re buying from, don’t hesitate to check on the background of the site with the Better Business Bureau. It would also help if you check on reviews about the swamp coolers for sale from people who had used the product. The particular model and brand of the cooler itself should be subjected to review and scrutiny on your part.

    best swamp coolers for SaleSuch scrutiny should include looking among the swamp coolers for sale for the right size and specifications that will match the condition of your home. The size of the cooler that you should choose must be compatible with the size of your house. Basically, the size and the specifications of your swamp cooler depend on the climate on your area. If you’re living on a mild hot area, the size of the cooler that you should buy should be around 2 to 3 CFM (Cooling Feet per Minute) every square foot. For places with hot dessert climates, the size should be around 3 to 4 CFM per square foot. Usually, the swamp coolers for sale that you’ll find in the Internet would come with such specifications and descriptions for appropriate area use.

    Finally, heed one of the most basic tips when browsing over your numerous choices of swamp coolers for sale: don’t just settle for one or two choices. Make a wide survey of the products available. This way, you’ll get the best deal that you could find.


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  • How important are Swamp Cooler Pads to Your Swamp Cooler?

    best Swamp Cooler PadsOkay, if you still don’t know the basics of how your swamp cooler works, here’s a recap. Your cooler is basically made up of four important parts namely: the fan or the blower motor, the swamp cooler pads, a water pump and a float valve. Your cooler lowers the temperature of the air in your place by pulling air into it, which was cooled down through the set of swamp cooler pads soaked in water, and then released in its cooler form. Now, a great deal of the maintenance and smooth performance of your cooler depends on those pads. Hence, it is important that you know a little bit of this and that about the proper care of those swamp cooler pads.

    Indeed, proper maintenance of the pads in your cooler will save you countless trips to the store to buy a whole new set of swamp cooler because the one you recently bought won’t cool the air at home anymore. And this surely defeats the purpose of buying a swamp cooler, doesn’t it? You’ve bought them coolers to save on electricity costs and not to spend bucks on them every two months or so.

    Swamp Cooler PadsThe pads in your cooler needs to be changed regularly – this is a basic rule. Yep, many breakdown and early malfunction in swamp coolers would have been avoided if owners like you had paid special care to their swamp cooler pads. Many a problem about swamp coolers having reduced cooling capacity or losing their capacity totally start with a problem on the poorly maintained or old swamp cooler pads. Experts advise that you change the pads every 10 months or a year to prevent minerals and other substances from clogging into it.

    There are usually three to four pads in your cooler and each pad would only cost about $7. Compared to the price of buying another set of cooler, this would surely be much cheaper, right?


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