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    Champion Coolers: Small and Portable but Efficient

    Champion CoolersA cooler that is portable, environment-friendly, and cost-effective might seem like something that is too good to be true, but all of these features are packed into a small swamp cooler armed with a unique but reliable cooling technology, the Champion cooler. Champion coolers not only provide cool and clean air, but they are also able to do this task almost anywhere, as its portability allows it to be moved and be placed in virtually any part of the house or even outside of it.

    A simple mechanism is what makes Champion coolers work, and yet this is highly effective and can cool the air by up to 30 degrees. Using evaporative cooling, Champion coolers pump water into pads which are made of aspen, which then evaporates as a rotating fan sucks and scatters them into the building or home where the cooler is located, thus making the air both cold and humid.

    There are also different variants for Champion coolers, as they can either be window, down-draft, or side-draft type of coolers. Window coolers, as their name suggests can be mounted on holes and windows and are often protected by grills as they blow air into the home or building. For best results, it is advised that window type of coolers should be placed on houses with open floor plans. Down-draft coolers, on the other hand, utilize air vents inside houses and are attached through roofs, prompting a downward motion of the air which they blow into the house which also serves as the basis for their name.side-draft type of Champion Coolers

    And finally, the side-draft type of Champion coolers is mounted on holes or ducts, and the motion of the cool and humid air which they spread into the house or building is, as their name suggests, in a side motion. Side-draft coolers are also the easiest types of coolers to access and repair, thus giving them an edge over the aforementioned types of Champion swamp coolers.

    Champion coolers maybe a little smaller in size in comparison of other types of swamp coolers, but it is certainly not lacking when it comes to the air which they provide, proving that they can go toe-to-toe with some of the bulkier coolers and air conditioners in the market.


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